Your brain says: There is no solution. But your guts say: Nonsense, the answer is out there.

Experience a brand new puzzle-challenge: Slidercrash. Combine Sliders of the same color on a carefully designed retro playing-field. But the devil is in the details. Mirrors and rails redirect the Sliders, walls and rocks stop them, minds or the abyss let them meet their maker. And then there are the other Sliders…

  • 60 challenges
  • Superior designed levels deliver fresh and mind-boggling puzzles
  • Five motivating, unlockable tunes
  • Mirrors, rails, switches, teleporter and many crazy things more… as if it wouldn’t have been enough in the first place
  • Different level-themes
  • You’re stuck and can’t solve the thing, in no case? Alright, here’s our help system
  • You think you’re good? Have a look at our leaderboards
  • Unlockable achievements / trophies
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