Germy World

In Germy World you move a little germ into same-colored chains of microbes, adding it to the chain. Grow little germ, grow, grow… The longer the chain the better when it comes to harvesting. But time breathes down your neck, so you have to decide: grow it even further and probably run out of time, or harvest it NOW and accept a possible loss of score? To make it worse, there are lots of germy chains moving around, barriers, poisonous bubbles and viruses on a hunt for tasty YOU.



  • action-packed game making full use of the accelerator sensor of iPhones, iPods or iPads
  • 36 infectious levels and more to come in the next update
  • tactic levels: can you find a way to solve them?
  • precise maneuvering levels: bubbles, virae, bumpers – can you avoid them?
  • cute Germs! Go and find them all, and have a look at them in your laboratory
  • do we have to mention it? GAME CENTER and ACHIEVEMENTs are a must, so Germy World has them, too
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