Hover Disc - The Multiplayer Challenge

Refuse to lose!

Maybe it's a good idea to arrange an apology in advance, because just a few rounds of Hover Disc will get you and your friends on the precipice of madness. This may look harmless, but what seemed like an attack just a second ago, is revealed as a insurmountable defense tactic. And this move, which could have been nothing more than a feeble attempt - is now a mind-boggling attack at the center of your strategy. Playing Hover Disc, nothing stays long as it seems. Although it's only about pushing your discs into the targets - and those of your enemies into the off. Yeah, "only".

  • Multiplayer only
  • Two players on one iPad
  • Up to four players on one iPad in the Pro version
  • Two players online duel via Game Center
  • Mixture of curling, boccia and billiards
  • Up to six different boards in the Pro version
  • An "off" that deserves it's name
  • Tailor-made controls for the iPad
  • Family-friendly gameplay
  • Great soundtrack
  • Game Center leaderboard and achievements
  • Dead easy handling

It's so easy, just push your discs into the targets. But, wait... maybe not?

Hover Disc