Electro Jewels

You swapped gems like a hero, fired colorful spheres into checkered snakes and piled parts of a puzzle, just to raise one lost treasure after the other. But all this couldn’t really prepare you for ELECTRO JEWELS. It will let your fingers fly across the screen, so fast that you will start to wonder how the heck you could have gotten that quick.

  • Combine the JEWELS as speedily as possible: Color and pattern have to match.
  • Move too slow and the JEWELS will overrun you.
  • If your screen fills up with JEWELS, the round will end – but not the game.
  • Use power-ups to improve your score.
  • Watch your Game Center ranking and improvement after each game.
  • Compete with your friends.
  • Enthralling soundtrack and clear cut design enables strong focus. You will need it.
  • A slight touch with your finger is all you need – no complex targeting, no fuss, no messing around.

Are your eyes really as fast as your fingers? Discover the truth, with ELECTRO JEWELS.